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1. Web Profits Club

Web Profits Club by IMInstitute
  • Revealed: The surprising truth about affiliate marketing. Get five easy steps the biggest affiliates around are using every day to pull down six figure incomes - it's totally doable, and you'll see for yourself when you watch this module.
  • Get an awesome crash course in selling digital info products. Discover the #1 thing you absolutely need to do to create a thriving business - and how skipping this little step virtually guarantees your business will crash land and humiliate you.
  • How to break out as the next big author on Amazon Kindle. Get a five-step overview of how the most successful Kindle authors keep landing on the bestseller's lists. Plus the #1 secret that all the big authors use to keep the money rolling in - and that includes billionaire "Harry Potter" author JK Rowling.
  • Discover how to turn content into cash by starting up a blog. Inside this module you'll get a 4-step overview of how to set up and run your blog, including five incredible ways to make money with it.
  • And Much More ...

2. Affiliate Profits Club

Web Profits Club by IMInstitute
  • Discover how to uncover the hottest markets around. Unlock the niches and markets guaranteed to deliver the best commissions. And get a slick strategy for discovering niches you never knew existed!
  • The real secret to building your promotions list. Learn how to attract subscribers with an irresistible free offer. (You'll love seeing the huge number of new leads joining your list every day and the extra revenue it brings with it).
  • How to find the perfect products to promote. Don't settle for small commissions or promoting offers that are hard to sell, find out how to pick the right products for maximum profits every time!
  • Discover how to get all the traffic you'll ever need. Get three simple ways to attract cash-in-hand prospects to your promotions - This is the real foundation you need to set up a super successful affiliate business.
  • And Much More ...

3. eMarketers Club

Web Profits Club by IMInstitute
  • Discover the secret truth about list building. And why the whole "build a relationship with your list" notion could be costing you thousands of dollars in lost revenue every year.
  • Gluing Your Subscribers to Every Email You Send. Discover the six secrets of getting subscribers to open every email and take action for more opens, more reads, more click-throughs and more revenue.
  • How to make money by GIVING stuff away! Turn your free downloads into your best sales tools. People won't believe you when you say you make money by giving away free stuff, but this module shows you how!
  • Revealed: How to create high converting landing pages. Discover the four secrets of creating irresistible headlines, bullets and calls to action that will send your opt-in conversion rates through the roof.
  • And Much More ...

4. Membership Marketers Club

Web Profits Club by IMInstitute
  • Discover how to make money with a FREE membership site. One of the most successful membership models online. Members don't pay a penny to join, but you can still make a whole lot of money anyway.
  • Unlock the wildly profitable 'One time' model. This membership site is super-simple to set up, maintain and monetize. You'll wonder why you didn't start one of these sites years ago!
  • The 'Marketer's Dream' - the Recurring Monthly Profits model. Discover the #1 factor that kills monthly membership site profits, and how to avoid this deadly pitfall!
  • Discover the astonishing secrets of uncovering the massive profits that lay hidden in your membership site... There are big profits to be mined in the backend of your membership site, and this video reveals where to find the gold.
  • And Much More ...

5. Power Copy Club

Web Profits Club by IMInstitute
  • How to Write Captivating, Cash-Pulling Headlines... You'll discover the three components of a good headline. Plus how to combine these factors for maximum cash-pulling effect!
  • Discover the two best ways to keep your prospect's eyes glued to your sales page! Unlock the secrets to crafting compelling sales letter or sales video script openers.
  • How to Create Irresistible Benefit Statements... This module shows you the right way to brainstorm, develop and showcase product benefits for maximum conversion!
  • Revealed: Get an inside look at the perfect video sales letter. Discover the essential ingredients to creating high-converting video sales letters that outperform text-only sales pages every time!
  • And Much More ....

6. Power Marketers Club

Web Profits Club by IMInstitute
  • Discover why the #1 factor that holds people back is fear. This eye-opening module shows you how to recognize fear in all its many disguises, acknowledge it, and finally get rid of it so you can start enjoying the success you deserve.
  • Revealed: You might be your own worst enemy and not even know it! Inside this module, you'll discover how to listen for the negative thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back. Once you overcome these, the sky is the limit!
  • How to plan each step on the way to achieving your goals. Includes our list of 21 crucial questions - By the time you've answered these, you'll be ready to take on the world!
  • Get a crash course in the art and science of negotiating. Whether you're trying to get a better deal with a vendor, supplier, freelancer or anyone else, these secrets will show you how to get more of what you want out of every single deal you make!
  • And Much More ...

7. Product Profits Club

Web Profits Club by IMInstitute
  • Revealed: Why the digital product business is the best business in the World. And how you can start building your own digital empire with an astonishing variety of easy-to-create products!
  • Discover how to recognize a hungry market... So simple, yet so many aspiring business owners get this totally wrong. This module will show you what steps you need to take and give your business a profitable start!
  • How to Create "Blow Their Socks Off" Ebooks and Reports... If you want to turn visitors into buyers, and buyers into repeat customers, your content needs to impress your customers. This module reveals the five secrets of creating edutaining content that gets visitors and buyers coming back for more!
  • Discover how to create professional video products and hot selling software and apps. You don't need to be Steven Spielberg to create great videos or a code geek in order to create software and apps that sell really well - W+atch these modules to learn how to do it and the equipment you need.
  • And Much More ...

8. Success Upgrade Club

Web Profits Club by IMInstitute
  • Learn about the art of taking calculated risks. It's no secret that starting a business is a bit of a gamble, as there's always some risk involved. But once you know the secrets of taking calculated risks, you'll instantly up your chances of enjoying massive success.
  • The secret of overcoming fear. There's not a single entrepreneur on this planet who's totally fearless. Thing is, those who succeed feel the fear and do it anyway. In this module you'll get three awesome tips for recognizing the fears that are holding you back... and kicking them to the curb for good!
  • Making bank with money management skills. You'll get three strategies for getting more money, keeping more money, and growing your business faster than ever. Plus four awesome ways to get the funding you need to start or run your business!
  • The secrets to running your business 'Like a Boss'... Get five eye-opening strategies that will have you thinking and acting like a CEO in no time! This is the stuff that success is made of!
  • And Much More ...

9. Traffic Generation Club

Web Profits Club by IMInstitute
  • Discover the key differences between traffic quantity with traffic quality. This will be the 'ah-ha' moment that turns you entire business around so you can start getting the traffic results you want!
  • How to get a horde of eager affiliates promoting your products all over the web. Discover how the top vendors create affiliate programs that everyone wants to be a part of and how to get super affiliates driving traffic to your sites every day.
  • Unlocked: A clever way to siphon traffic from Facebook. Nearly everyone sets up Facebook pages. Quite a few marketers use Facebook's paid ads. But so many people overlook this third strategy - and yet it's so powerful it can attract thousands of eager customers to you.
  • Discover how to optimize your existing traffic - Get three surprising ways you can optimize your existing traffic and turn it into even more traffic, more sales, more cash in the bank. (These strategies will make a huge difference to your business this year).
  • And Much More ...

10. Wealth Upgrade Club

Web Profits Club by IMInstitute
  • Just What is Wealth, Anyway? We'll unpack and examine the three surprising factors that go into making someone really, truly wealthy. Once you understand this, you'll be well on your way!
  • How to map your financial path to the future - Discover the right way create savings goals, and create a rock-solid plan to meet them. You'll also find out what type of savings account should be your top priority (you might be surprised when you find out what it is)
  • "A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned" - but is it true? If your goal is to get wealthy, then you'll need to discover the secrets of saving money. That's where this module comes in. You'll get three solid strategies that are guaranteed to leave more of your hard-earned money in your bank account. (More money you can invest and multiply!)
  • Are you driving the right Investment Vehicle? If you want to multiply your money, you need to choose the right plan. Inside this module you'll discover five investment vehicles that can propel you to wealth (And we're guessing you probably haven't ever even heard of one or two of these ideas before)!
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